Wolf Gordon

Wolf-Gordon Offices

New York, NY
8,300 sq ft
Completed 2017

Best of Year Design Awards Honoree, Showroom, Interior Design
NYCxDesign Award Honoree, Showroom, Interior Design

The design for the new offices of Wolf-Gordon, a premier provider of architectural surfaces, responds to the need to act simultaneously as an interface with the ‘design public’ and as a creative, Twenty-first century work environment within the limits of a typical Manhattan commercial footprint.  The strategy was to make the means of exhibiting the product the architectural mechanism for organizing the space.  An eighty-foot long blackened steel armature acts as a changing exhibition for Wolf Gordon wall coverings, upholstery fabrics and other architectural finishes.  This armature, comprising a custom track suspending a series of mobile, steel-framed panels, begins at the entry, divides the open office from more collective functions and wraps to define a semi-enclosed zone at the center of the main space.  The panels can be rearranged to optimize the possibilities for display, to allow for differing degrees of enclosure and permeability between working and gathering areas and to orchestrate a variety of programmatic conditions (for impromptu collaboration, public events, training sessions, talks, etc.), allowing the product and it’s producers to interact in new ways.




Project Team: Paul Lewis, Marc Tsurumaki, David Lewis; Jessie Peksa, Antonia Wai, Sonia Flamberg
Architect of Record: Environetics
MEP: Hi Reli Conditioning Corp
Construction: Nutech Interiors, Kay Lighting
Graphic Designer: Karlssonwilker
Display Armature & Millwork Manufacturer: Veyko
Millwork Manufacturer: New Motor
Haworth Dealer: Workwell Partners
Photography: Michael Moran


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