Ten Shades of Green

Ten Shades of Green

Urban Center Gallery
New York, NY, 2000

This exhibition presented ten buildings from around the world exemplifying architectural innovations catalyzed by divergent approaches to sustainability. Each building was exhibited on a separate mobile table. The tables were composed of six, eight or ten 3' x 2' plywood modules. Custom hardware allowed for adjustment to any position between the horizontal and vertical in order to accommodate a variety of materials or equipment - models, drawings, photographs, and computers. As a traveling exhibition, the modular components can be dismantled with minimum labor and the tables can be reconfigured according to the particular spatial restrictions of the respective exhibition venues. The exhibition's adaptability is its sustainability.


The Architectural League of New York, Ten Shades of Green, Exhibition Brochure






Client:  The Architectural League of New York
Curator:  Peter Buchanan
Project director:  Rosalie Genevro
Exhibition Coordinator:  Andrew Blum
Project development:  Gregory Wessner
Project team:  Paul Lewis, Marc Tsurumaki, David J. Lewis
Installation Team:  Troy Ostrander, Gia Wolff, Judith Tse, Carla Munoz-Puente, Brendan Lee, Damian Jackson, Emily Abruzzo, Miko Smith, Christine Kang, Alex Chan, Herbin Ng, model makers
Display tables fabrication:  Veyko
Introductory text graphics:  Tricia Solsaa
Photographer:  Michael Moran

Exhibition Schedule


Architectural League of New York
The Urban Center
New York, NY

University of Texas
College of Architecture
Austin, TX


National Building Museum
Washington DC

University of Houston
College of Architecture
Houston, TX

Committee on the Environment
Colorado Chapter, AIA

Museum of Contemporary Art
Denver, CO

Natural Capital Center
Office of Sustainable Development
Portland, OR

Berkeley Art Museum
University of California
Berkeley, CA


Salt Lake City Corporation
Salt Lake   City Public Library
Salt Lake   City, UT

Orange County Museum
Newport Beach, CA

Committee on the Environment
Boston Chapter, AIA
Boston Architectural Center
Boston, MA


Committee on the Environment
Las Vegas Chapter, AIA
Las Vegas, NV

Washington University
School of Architecture
St. Louis, MO

Air Pollution Control District
Glassworks Gallery
Louisville, KY


Institute of Contemporary Art
Portland, ME


Virginia Center for Architecture
Richmond, VA