NYU Steinhardt Feasibility Study

NYU Steinhardt Feasibility Study

New York University
New York, NY
Completed 2010

In the spring of 2010, NYU commissioned LTL Architects and Vanderweil Engineers to execute the Steinhardt School Capital Project Implementation Plan examining the potential renovation of three buildings within the Steinhardt School’s portfolio: the Education Building at 35 W 4th St, the East Building at 239 Greene St, and Pless Hall and Pless Annex at 82 Washington Square East and 26 Washington Place. These buildings comprise over 100,000 square feet of faculty offices, meeting rooms, administrative space, studios, and classrooms in the heart of NYU’s campus east of Washington Square Park and represent the core of the Steinhardt School’s presence within the University.

While the buildings, which anchor the Education Block, are of sound condition and substantial architectural quality, they are also generally in need of renovation to meet the needs of a contemporary higher education institution of Steinhardt’s standing. Prior alterations have been implemented without an overall strategic plan combined with growth in the school’s student and faculty population, has resulted in poorly organized layouts and the distribution of departments in non-contiguous spaces on multiple floors or separate buildings. Facilities are in many cases outmoded, aging, and lacking in architectural quality consistent with comparable departments both within and outside of the University. Moreover, to varying degrees, the buildings are deficient from an infrastructural, code, and accessibility perspective and require upgrading to meet appropriate standards.

In summary, the renovation of these buildings is motivated by the following primary factors:

Extensive Infrastructure and Code Deficiencies
Need to accommodate Steinhardt Growth Programs
Desire to improve priority Steinhardt Programs
Outdated facilities which do not adequately reflect the Steinhardt School’s academic prominence
Desire to connect building infrastructure to NYU’s central plant for increased efficiency

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