Free Play

Free Play Playground

Design 2009

This winning entry to a competition held by Free Play creates a new playground for children that seek to look past the limitations of today's conventional playgrounds. Rather than prescribing a certain set of motions - such as set by the ubiquitous climbing forts - LTL's proposal for Free Play instead seeks to create environments in which children can imagine and invent new ways to play. There are four distinct parts to this playground equipment, each designed to be flexible to fit multiple locations and configurations: 1) Cornfield - randomly placed flexible vertical poles that activate the landscape; 2) Weeping Willow - densely arranged forest of suspended ropes, providing a new vertical terrain for moving; 3) Ant Farm - a sculptural climbing wall with multiple voids within interior spaces; 4) Maze - a modular kit of boxes providing a nearly infinite set of paths and configurations.


Early Childhood Education


Client:  Free Play
Project team:  Paul Lewis, Marc Tsurumaki, David J. Lewis; Matthew Clarke, Mia Lorenzetti, Annie Coombs