FAAR-Out Exhibition: Six Months in Rome

ADC Gallery
New York, NY
April – May 2003

This exhibition presented the work of twenty-nine Design Fellows from the American Academy in Rome. The large open exhibition hall at the ADG Gallery in New York City did not possess sufficient perimeter wall area to comfortably exhibit all the work. Therefore, temporary exhibition surface was added by suspending a fabric volume around each of the six columns in the center of the gallery. Each artist was given one side of the column volume, the width of their side set by the horizontal dimension required to exhibit their work. The resulting geometry of the enclosure and the space of the exhibition was a direct consequence of the size of the artists’ work. The volumes were suspended, creating a floating datum line across the bottom of the exhibition, and lights located on the columns allowed the fabric volumes to glow. Hung with ropes and pulleys, the diaphanous volumes could be raised so that the space could be used as needed for other public functions.­­




Curators:  Linda Blumber, Myrna Davis, Sarah Hartman
Project team:  Paul Lewis, Marc Tsurumaki, David J. Lewis; Hye-Young Chung, project manager
Installation team:  David Takacs, Eric Samuels, Bethany Martin, Mark Thorpe, Michelle Leong