Exhibit on Hollywood Boulevard

 Exhibit on Hollywood Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA
Exhibition 2011 (July 21 – August 27)
LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design

This exhibition is located in a storefront on Hollywood Boulevard. In order to mimic the glorification of plan enacted by the embedded stars of the Walk of Fame, this installation carves the plans of four LTL projects into a new floor that runs down the center of the gallery. The projects, which vary in scale from 69 million to 108 square feet, are positioned from largest to smallest, starting at the street. The floor’s width also decreases as one moves into the gallery. Anchored to the floor and stretched to the wall, images related to each project are backlit by a field of fluorescent lights. This forced perspective, with illuminated gill-like spaces, makes the exhibit appear longer when viewed from Hollywood Boulevard.




Client:  Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design
Project team:  Paul Lewis, Marc Tsurumaki, David J. Lewis; John Morrison, Elizabeth Kuwada
Exhibit coordinator:  Thurman Grant
LA Forum exhibit team:  Jason Kerwin, Duane McLemore, Brian Daleidon, Khristeen Decastro, Anna Eremenko, Knarik Harutyunyan, Jason King, Jason Opp, Chris Parsell, Monica Ruiz, Oxana Yashenko, Kenneth Zapata
Sponsors:  Woodbury University School of Architecture, Bartco Lighting, Corporate Contractors


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