College of Wooster

LTL Architects - Exhibit

Sussel Gallery
Ebert Art Center
The College of Wooster Art Museum
Wooster, OH
January 17-March 5, 2012

The exhibition on the work of LTL Architects held at the College of Wooster Art Museum documented fifteen years of work of the office, covering a range of projects executed since 1997.  The exhibition marked the first architectural exhibition at the College in over 25 years.  To maximize the viewable surface for the presentation of drawings and models, LTL Architects designed a continuous display ribbon that wrapped onto the existing museum walls and extended onto a series of “V” shaped projections.  A model corresponding to the adjacent project on the ribbon was held out from the joint of each of the projecting “V” effectively maximizing the space of the gallery for exhibition purposes.






Curator/Director:  Kitty McManus Zurko, The College of Wooster Art Museum
Preparator:  Doug McGlumphy, The College of Wooster
Project team:  Paul Lewis, Marc Tsurumaki, David J. Lewis; Elizabeth Kuwada, Kristen Chin, Mercedes Cuvi